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USAF 1950

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Donald Brahm was born in 1931 and, prior to enlisting in the USAF in 1950, resided at 15780 Snowden Avenue, Detroit, MI. After enlistment, he was trained as an airborne radio operator at Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS. He was then assigned to a flight crew of the 301st Air Refueling Squadron, 301st Bomb Wing, at Barksdale AFB, Shreveport, LA as a radio operator (RO) on KB-29M aircraft.

In late August 1952, Don substituted for an ill RO on a different crew for a refueling mission. Radio operators were required on all refueling operations and Don volunteered to replace the ailing RO. The mission was to refuel a B-29MR from one of the three bomb squadrons of the 301st Bomb Wing. During the refueling hook-up, Don’s aircraft experienced outboard engine failure, resulting in a sudden loss of airspeed and breakage of the refueling hose. His aircraft had to abort the mission and return to Barksdale. However, during the final approach, the pilot (a veteran of the Polesti oil field raids during WWII) lost control of the aircraft and the KB-29, which was still full of fuel, rolled over. The result was a fiery crash that took the lives of all on board.

Don was 21 years old when he died. He is buried in the Detroit area.

Although he was not from Kinston or even North Carolina, he deserves to be recognized for his sacrifice, as do all US military personnel from everywhere, who gave their lives in the performance of their duties.

May this memorial brick help to provide that recognition.